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Architectural & Exclusive Lifestyle Services

If you need the kind of residence that reflects your luxury lifestyle you don’t want the pressure of endless property searches.  If you’ve already got a property that you want to redevelop into a comfortable and opulent home, you’ll need expert architect's help to:

  • Find you a selection of exclusive properties for sale that can be viewed in a single trip
  • Design and create your dream residence with a team of professional architecture contractors from initial architectural plan through to the beautiful bouquet that will greet you when you move in
  • Discover luxury properties before they’re on the market with the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the very best deals on the open market
  • Resource rare materials, unusual artifacts and other hard-to-find exclusive items.
  • Make the right connections on your behalf so you get exactly what you want.

Prestige provides a specialist team with more than 20 years collective experience in the luxury market of architectural service in London and real estate service in St Kitts and Nevis.  They know exactly how to meet your high standards – and understand that you just want it done, without stress, hassle or pressure.

You’ll get the service you want, discreetly, smoothly and professionally.

SBID International Design Awards 2014architectural awards

Find out about our services to find you the right home – to build or buy.

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I have been very fortunate to have secured the services of Marco over the past five years to undertake projects in London, Switzerland, Jakarta and Singapore. The difference Marco brings to a project is his ability to “see into the space” and create a design that is both practicable and in line with what I require added to this is his Italian flair for choosing materials that further enhance the whole design concept. Dealing with Marco is a pleasure as he is dedicated to his clients and his work. My only reservation in writing this is that Marco may become too busy to undertake my work as others discover the quality of architect and project manager he is.
Ann and Steve K.